Dr. Sheffields Toothpaste, Natural, Extra Whitening

Dr. Sheffields Toothpaste, Natural, Extra Whitening
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No artificial flavors or colors. No genetically modified organisms. Since 1850. Certified (Dr Sheffields natural toothpaste is certified by the Natural Products Association and, as such, must follow strict guidelines set out by the NPA to merit the seal) natural toothpaste. Flouride-free. Helps to remove stains for a whiter, brighter smile. Historically natural. Dr. Sheffield would never have envisioned a future where toothpaste would be filled with synthetic substances. Dr. Sheffield's follows the NPA's strict standard for natural products: no flouride; no synthetic detergents; no synthetic foaming agents; no artificial preservatives; no artificial colors; no artificial sweeteners. Just the way Dr. Sheffield prepared it, over 167 years ago. Inventors of Toothpaste & Toothpaste in a Tube: Dr. Washington Wentworth Sheffield was a respected dentist and dental surgeon. In the mid-1870s, he developed a new cleaning product in a cream form as a replacement for the powders common at the time for teeth cleaning. He made the dental cream in his office and added mint extracts to improve the flavor. Sheffield tested the new product on his patients who, in, turn, expressed their liking for it. After establishing Sheffield Dentifrice Co. in 1880, with the help of his son, he constructed a manufacturing plant on his property. There he went on to produce a mouthwash he had previously invented, as well as the new creme dentifrice toothpaste. This manufacturing plant still stands today in New London, Connecticut, where his premium natural toothpaste is made. Dr. Lucius J. Sheffield was the only child of Dr. Sheffield. While his father was the first person to invent toothpaste, Lucius was the first person to place the paste in collapsible tubes. Lucius found inspiration while watching partisan artist preparing their paint palettes. He realized the collapsible tubes the artist used to squeeze paint onto palettes could be used to squeeze his father's new toothpaste onto a toothbrush in a sanitary manner. Flouride-Free Formula: Flouride is a drug that can be acutely toxic if swallowed in large amounts. You may know that flouride can be found in your drinking water; however, you may not know that it is also in many processed beverages and foods containing water, including juice, beer, and even your morning cup of coffee. Currently, over 200 million Americans are dosed daily with flouride, making it the most widely distributed drug in the US. How confident are you in your daily dose? A Simple Choice: Did you know that mucous membranes in the mouth allow chemicals to pass directly into the blood stream, where they can accumulate into toxic levels? Most of us in the modern chemical-based world are constantly expose to toxic substances through the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. We should strive to eliminate any toxic source that we can, and try to stay as toxin free as possible. We may not be able to control every environmental factor, but we can control what we choose to place in our mouth and the mouths of our children. Start with a simple choice. Replace your flouride toothpaste with Dr. Sheffieldl's natural flouride-free toothpaste today. www.drsheffieldsnaturals.com. Questions? Call 1-800-222-1087. No animal testing. Not animal tested. Natural Products Association Certified: The NPA Natural Standard is based on natural ingredients, safety, responsibility and sustainability. This product must be made up of 95 percent truly natural ingredients or ingredients that are derived from natural sources, excluding water. Made in USA of US and imported components & ingredients.

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