Auto Prefill/Refill FAQ’s

Auto Prefill/Refill FAQ

What is the Auto Prefill program?

Our Auto Prefill program will automatically refill each enrolled prescription whenever they are available to be filled and send you a friendly email letting you know it did so. You do not have to stop in to our store or even call us, this process is fully automatic after you enroll your prescription.

What is the Refill Reminder program?

Our Refill Reminder program will send you a friendly email each time your enrolled prescriptions are refillable. The email will contain a link for you to quickly refill that prescription if you choose, while saving you time.

Why choose the Auto Prefill program vs. the Refill Reminder program?

The Auto Prefill program is ideal for most maintenance medications that are taken consistently from refill to refill where the Refill Reminder program works better for medications like eye/ear drops, nasal sprays, creams, ointments, and even gels when usage might not be so consistent. The Auto Prefill program is most convenient because it requires no interaction on your part to refill your prescription. In comparison, the Refill Reminder program offers you the flexibility and choice as to whether or not your prescription is refilled.

What do I need to sign up for these programs?

  1. You need a Courtesy Plus Card. If you don’t have a Courtesy Plus Card you can download an application, fill it out and bring it to your local store to receive your new card in minutes.
  2. You’ll need an Online Account which you can create here. If you don’t have a Courtesy Plus Card, you will need one before you can create your account.
  3. You need an active prescription at any of our pharmacies with at least 2 refills remaining.

How do I sign up?

Once your Online Account is created you need to log in and go to your Main Menu. From the main menu click the Manage your Auto Prefills and Refill Reminders. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the sign-up process in just minutes.

I’m signed up, but I never get any emails?

First, check your Spam or Junk folders to make sure they haven’t been automatically placed there. If so mark them as Not Spam and add to your email contact list or approved sender list to prevent that from happening. If this doesn’t help, please call your pharmacy or our Customer Service department at 800-833-6278 during business hours and we’ll look into it for you.

Are there any medications that are exempt?


  • All controlled substances are exempt from either of these programs.
  • Prescriptions billed to a government insurance program are exempt from the Auto Prefill program. However, these customers may participate in the Refill Reminder program instead.
  • Because predicting a day supply on some medications can be difficult, medications such as creams/ointments/gels are exempt from the Auto Prefill program, but may be enrolled in the Refill Reminder program.

Why does my prescription need at least 2 refills to qualify?

This restriction is in place to prevent you from adding medications that are not going to be enrolled in the program long enough to take full advantage of it.

If for any reason one of my currently enrolled prescriptions changes, do I need to re-add it to the program?

This depends on whether or not your prescription number changed! As long as your prescription number on your bottle remains the same you do not need to make any changes to your profile. But, anytime your prescription number changes you WILL have to add that new prescription to your profile if you want it enrolled in the program.

I’m trying to add my prescription and it keeps saying that it is expired, but I have plenty of refills left. What do I do?

In order for a prescription to be valid it must have at least 2 refills, but it also must not expire before those two refills can be processed. This is probably the case. However, if you believe this to be incorrect, please call your pharmacy or our Customer Service department at 800-833-6278 during business hours and we’ll look into it for you.

I’m a caregiver, and when I try to add prescriptions it says that they do not match your records. What is going on?

For patient privacy and security reasons you can ONLY add prescriptions that contain the same last name as the one attached to your Online Account. We will soon have a method for our pharmacies to set these prescriptions up for you. Check back here or with your Pharmacist for updates on that process.

Is there a minimum number or limit on the number of medications I can enroll?

There is no minimum or maximum limit to the number of medications you can enroll. You can enroll just one medication or up to as many qualifying medications that wish to manage.

Can I pick up my enrolled medication at any Discount Drug Mart?

No you cannot. The only location that you can pick up your enrolled medication is the location listed in the email you receive when it is available to be picked up or filled. However, you can transfer your medication to a different Discount Drug Mart and then re-enroll your new prescription number at that location.

When are my prescriptions ready for pick up?

When our Auto Prefill program processes your prescription, we will have it ready for you by Noon on the day you receive the Auto Prefill email. If you initiate a refill either from our website or from the Refill Reminder email, we ask that you give us 2 hours from the time you click the Refill link to have your medication ready.

How will I know that my prescription is ready?

Your prescription will be ready by Noon for Auto Prefills and within 2 hours of you initiating a refill from our website. If unforeseen circumstances prevent us from fulfilling those time frames, our friendly pharmacy staff will call you to let you know.

What will happen on my last refill?

When we process one of your medications that is on its last refill, the email you receive will be specially marked to identify that prescription. You can then call your physician about getting a new prescription for your next fill. You will need to re-enroll that prescription in the program.

What will happen if I have no refills and have enrolled the medication previously?

When we process one of your medications that was previously enrolled, but no longer has any refills, the email you receive will be specially marked to identify that prescription. If it is enrolled in the Auto Prefill program that prescription will automatically be sent to our pharmacy and our staff will attempt to contact your physician on your behalf to get a new prescription. If it is enrolled in the Refill Reminder program, you will have the option to send the request to our pharmacy to have them contact your physician. After contacting your physician, the pharmacy will process the new prescription. You will need to re-enroll that medication into the program.

What if I no longer wish to participate?

If you decide that you do not want to participate in our pharmacy programs any longer you can easily Opt Out at any time. To do so, log in to this website, choose the Manage your Auto Prefills and Refill Reminders and Opt Out, or you can click the Unsubscribe link from any of the pharmacy emails you have received while participating in the program. If you have any issues, please call your pharmacy or our Customer Service department at 800-833-6278 during business hours.

Is my pharmacy information protected with this program?

Yes. We have taken the utmost care in protecting your pharmacy information while participating in our pharmacy programs. After you enroll a prescription, at no point during the automated processes is any of your private information revealed. In the email correspondence we only reveal your first name, the last 4 digits of each prescription number, and the pharmacy location where it is available. We are dedicated to protecting your pharmacy health information.

Who can I call if I have want information on this program?

If you have any questions or want more information about this program please call your pharmacist or our Customer Service department at 800-833-6278 during business hours.

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