Cleveland Monsters & Charge Tickets on Pro Points!

Redeem your tickets here

Instructions on receiving your tickets:

Once you redeem your Pro Points for the tickets, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address on file with your Courtsey PLUS card. 

In the email, there will be a code and a link. 

Please click on the link, select the date of the game you would like to attend, and click on Find Tickets. 

From there, you will need to enter in the code you recieved in your email. 

When you go to select your tickets, the available sections will be in the lower corners and the North and South ends of the Fieldhouse. Not all tickets are Pro Point Tickets. 

When you select a pair of tickets and click Go to checkout the total on the screen should say $0.00. If it does not say $0.00, they are NOT Pro Point Tickets and you will need to go back and select different tickets. 

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