Hartz Multi-Cat Strong Litter 4-In-1 Action Lavender

Hartz Multi-Cat Strong Litter 4-In-1 Action Lavender
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Hartz® Multi-Cat Strong™ 4-In-1 Action Lavender Scent Cat Litter.

Instant odor control.

Long lasting freshness.

Stops urine odor.

Tight, firm clumping.

Cat feces may contain a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, a potential health concern for pregnant women and immunosuppressed individuals. Care should be exercised when cleaning the litter box, including thoroughly washing hands afterwards. At-risk individuals should seek advice from their physicians for additional information.

Cats should be encouraged to use an indoor litter box, and cat feces should be placed in the trash. Avoid flushing cat feces and soiled litter down toilets or discarding it outdoors in gutters, gardens or storm drains.

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