Pneumococcal Immunization

Immunization indications/recommendations

  • Recommended by the CDC for adults 65 years old
    • Those who receive the vaccine prior to the age of 65 should again be vaccinated at age 65 or later if five years have passed since the first dose
    • Those who are vaccinated for the first time at the age of 65 only need to receive a single dose
  • Also recommended for patients 19-64 with underlying risk factors for pneumococcal disease, including:
    • Asthma
    • Cigarette Smokers
  • Avoid the pneumococcal vaccine in the following:
    • Patients with allergies to any component of the vaccine
    • Patients who have previously had a severe allergic reaction to the pneumococcal vaccine
    • Patients who are currently experiencing a moderate to sever illness (wait until recovered to receive the vaccine)
    • Pregnant women (although no harm has been reported to either a mother or fetus, women at high risk for pneumonia should be vaccinated, if possible, prior to pregnancy)


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